NunyaPie is a kinda of a strange creature. She or HE is a hybrid of a octopus and a arctic wolf.

Due to her/him being a hybrid.Edit

Well, she/he at first was a normal arctic wolf who lived on a tropical island and she/he LOVED swimming in the ocean, but one day when she was swimming, a inky black octopus tentacale tried to drown her/him! But she survied and then she/he landed on a island named Jamaa and when she/he saw herself/himself he/she was shocked. She/he was with tentacales for the chest fur and for the tail.



Tentacale rage


Aura sphere

Black and red eye



A rather creepy personality but sometimes IT CHANGES!



This is Nunya.

Black and white top hat

White heart locket

Spirit armour

Elf bracelets 

Disadvanteges (Dang it I forgot how to spell it!)Edit

Mostly all day on the laptop.

Never sleeping.

Way too heavy. (Note: Nunya is 1229999999999900000 kg heavy)

She/he hunts down the Four Swords.

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