hello i have a story of my adventures here in this world... and here is one

Nightwing's dinner day

Nightwing's dinner day

Enters shop and looks around [1]He looks around...Added by Codywife1for food...

"Lets see what of those workers have done for this pretty kitty...." Nightwing thought as he crawled around with an evil grin on his face.

"Hello there... what can i do for chu today?" Said one of the workers.

"MEOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Nightwing shouted to get the workers attention.

"Oh hello little kitten... i see you want some food from the look on your face"

Then Nightwing jumped up onto the counter and licked the worker's face really quickly.

And so Nightwing spoke to the worker and said

"Looky looky here... i wish i could have some steak..."

Then suddenly as he spoke his eyes had shined brightly. And now some steak was floating through the air and as Nightwing saw it a bright red lazer come out from his eyes and cutted the steak into little pieces.

"Now thats how to do magic... by the way... be careful... Hehe..."

Nightwing hissed as he laughed silently on the way out and gave a some seeds to the worker.

"I wonder what these do... and just because thatwas a talking black cat i think i should eat these.."

And so when the worker swallowed the seeds he started to act weird....